A certificate of incorporation in Singapore

After setting up a company in Singapore, you will receive a certificate of incorporation which is issued by ACRA (The accounting and corporate regulatory authority in Singapore). ACRA may be called the registrar of companies in Singapore. The certificate of incorporation is the legal document of your company in Singapore, which is shown the company has been registered/ incorporated on the stated date.

What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

The Certificate of Incorporation is the document related to the formation of the company, so it will contain information as follows:

  • Name of the company
  • Registration number/ Unique Entity Number (UEN)
  • Date of incorporation
  • Nature of the entity – private limited or public limited etc.
  • The former names of the company (if applicable and up to five recent former names, does not reflect name changes effected before January 2003).

ACRA (The Accounting and corporated regulatory authority in Singapore) issues the certificate of incorporation for your company in Singapore in an e-notification of incorporation which will be emailed out to a person in charge of the corporation fillings after the incorporation procedure is completed successfully. 

In case, a company needs to submit more than one copy of Certificate of Incorporation to other parties upon the course of its’ business, the company can purchase the electronic Certificated of Incorporation from ACRA at any time and any number of times. Please note that only Singaporean or authorized corporate service providers of the entity can make such a purchase with ACRA. 

These certificates will be duly signed electronically by ACRA especially if an unsigned electronic copy of the e-notification is not accepted by any parties overseas.

The importance of the Certificate of Incorporation

When the registrar of companies in Singapore approves an application to form a company, the certificate of incorporation must be issued. Hence, the incorporation certificate is an important document because it demonstrates that the company has been formed as a separate legal entity with its own identity distinct from its directors and shareholders and fulfills all the regulatory requirements for company formation.

When will the incorporation certificate needed?

You’ll sometimes be required to show the certificate of incorporation when:

  • Opening a bank account for the business
  • Entering into any trading agreements, business contracts with overseas government or agencies of the government
  • Proofing of existence and nature of the entity with your parties. 
  • Applying for a loan for the company
  • Seeking any other kind of funding for the business
  • Selling the company to someone else

Where Can You Obtain a Certificate of Incorporation in Singapore?

As mentioned below, the certificate of incorporation from ACRA. First of all, you are required to visit ACRA’s BizFile+ portal at www.bizfile.gov.sg, then making a purchase online. 

Here is a step-by-step for purchasing a certificate of incorporation in Singapore:

After the purchase has been completed, ACRA will send a message with a link which is for download the electronic certificate of incorporation.

A hard copy of the certificate is no longer allowed to purchase from ACRA. To obtain the hardcopy of the certificate, it must be legalized with consulate-general of the Republic of Singapore. 

You need the electronic copy or hardcopy of certificate and do not know how to obtain, we are pleased to support you. Contact ACE Global Accountant for any inquires.

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