CorpPass for businesses in Singapore

What is corpPass?

Singapore Corporate Access (or CorpPass) is a one-stop authentication and authorisation service, which is owned by the Ministry of Finance and managed by the Government Technology Agency. The purpose of CorpPass is allowing corporate users on behalf of their organizations to transact with government agencies online.

From 1 September 2018, CorpPass will be required for all entities to transact with the government. Singapore registered entities with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) that have not registered for CorpPass should do so as existing login methods, such as SingPass and EASY will cease by then.

Individuals who need to transact in a business capacity with the government are required to be UEN-registered and thus be eligible for CorpPass.

What are the types of CorpPass roles and accounts?

1/Registered Officer (RO)

Only Singapore registered entity having Unique Entity Number (UEN) is applicable to Registered Officer.

The RO is the person whose name is officially registered with ACRA or any of the other UEN-issuance agencies. Examples of RO(s) include: Owner, Partner, Director, Corporate Secretary.

Typically, the RO should be the person nominating and approving new CorpPass Administrators.

Of these five CorpPass roles, the RO does not require an account. To transact with government digital services, the RO may choose to obtain one of the following four account types:

2/CorpPass Administrator (Admin)

A person authorised to create CorpPass accounts and manage access to digital services for the entity. The appointed Admin may be a person who currently manages Government-to-Business (G2B) transactions on behalf of the company. Examples of who may fulfil this CorpPass role include: Director of Corporate Services (Admin / Finance / Human Resources) or any person(s) authorised by the RO.

For Singapore registered entities with UEN, Admin must be authorised by the Registered Officer (RO). For smaller organisations, the RO may assume the role of a CorpPass Admin.

*Note: Each entity can only have a maximum of 2 CorpPass Admins.

3/CorpPass Sub-Administrator (Sub-Admin)

A person authorised by the CorpPass Administrator (Admin) to help manage CorpPass accounts and digital service access on behalf of the entity. A Sub-Admin has full management rights to CorpPass users’ digital service access, unless restricted by the Admin.

Sub-Admin accounts can only be created by the Admin, and do not require approval. Similar to the Admin, the Sub-Admin can create other CorpPass accounts (i.e. CorpPass Enquiry User, CorpPass User) for users within the entity

4/CorpPass Enquiry User

The Enquiry User is an account created by the entity’s CorpPass Administrator or CorpPass Sub-Administrator. The Enquiry User account may be used to transact with Government digital services, and to view details of the entity’s CorpPass setup. For example, the Enquiry User may view the entity’s list of digital services, the details of CorpPass accounts under the entity, and the transaction history of these accounts.

5/CorpPass User

A person who is assigned by the CorpPass Administrator (Admin) to transact with Government agencies on behalf of the entity. Examples of who may fulfil this CorpPass role include: Corporate Services Personnel (e.g. Payroll Executive, Human Resources Manager).

Each User will have a unique CorpPass ID. There is currently no restriction on the number of Users that each entity may have.

For smaller organisations, the Admin may assume the role of a User

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