7 Steps to obtain Employment Pass in Singapore

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  • December 29, 2021

Employment Pass is one of the most popular work passes which most of the foreign specialists and managers intend to apply when they wish to work in Singapore. It is necessary for you to check whether you are qualified and get well-prepared before applying the Pass. This article provides 7 steps to apply Employment Pass in Singapore with MOM (Ministry of Manpower) who issues work passes and permits in Singapore.

Step 1: Get a job offer in Singapore

You are a foreign specialist from overseas and wish to work in Singapore, which is necessary to apply a work permit for working in Singapore. After you get a job offer in Singapore, a local sponsor or Singaporean employer will usually support you to apply for a work permit in Singapore.

In case you are unable to get a job offer in Singapore, ACE Global Accountant can support you. In fact, you may apply Employment Pass if you are a director or owner of company in Singapore. Hence, we will support you to register a company in Singapore that you are a director. After that, you are qualified to apply Employment Pass, we will assist you in submitting Singapore Employment Pass Application to MOM.  

Step 2: Fulfil criteria for a Singapore Employment Pass Application

  • Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job
  • Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 (more experienced applicants will be required higher salaries)
  • Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialised skills

Step 3: Prepare the required documents

  • Copy of passport details 
  • Copies of latest educational certificates/ Academic qualifications
  • Copy of CV
  • Copy of company’s latest business profile or instant information registered with ACRA
  • Verification proof for diploma and above qualifications from Global verification agency, e.g. Dataflow and Risk Management Intelligence (RMI)
  • Additional documents will be asked when you apply for the pass

Note: For non-English documents, the original document and an English translation are needed to submit. 

Step 4: Submit a Singapore Employment Pass Application 

There are two ways to apply for the pass including online and manually. It takes approximately 3 weeks for applying online and 8 weeks for applying manually (It may be longer if the authorities require further background checks). Hence, submitting online is referred to in most cases. 

  • To apply online:
  1. Get a written consent to apply for the Pass from your employer 
  2. Log in to EP Online to fulfill the required documents
  3. Pay fee for application (it can be paid by GIRO, VISA, MasterCard or eNets Debit)
  4. Check your application status after 3 weeks (If additional information is required, it will be longer)
  5. If the pass is approved, log in to EP Online and print the in-principle approval (IPA) letter

The IPA allows you 6 months to stay in Singapore and get the pass issued. 

  • To apply manually:

It is only spent on companies not registered in Singapore. You can submit electronically or at SingPost

Step 5: Get your pass issued

The Employment Pass will be issued within 6 months from in-principle approval. Note that the applicant must stay in Singapore before the pass is issued.

To get the pass issued:

  1. Log in to EP Online to make the request and submit the supporting documents 
  2. Provide a home or office address where you can receive the card
  3. Nominate up to 3 authorised recipients to receive the card, and provide their NRIC, FIN or passport number, mobile numbers and email address
  4. When the pass is issued, print the notification letter

The notification letter allows you to start work in Singapore while waiting for the pass card. 

You will need the following information for issuing the pass:

  • Passport 
  • Details of your current Short Term Visit Pass or immigration pass
  • Your residential address in Singapore 
  • A local address where MOM can deliver the card
  • Contact details of at least one authorised recipient to receive an SMS or email on the delivery details

You may also need to submit PDF copies of these documents:

  • Disembarkation/Embarkation card (immigration white card)
  • Completed medical examination form or health declaration form
  • Completed declaration form attached with the in-principle approval letter

Step 6: Register fingerprints and photos (If required)

Registering fingerprints and photo within 2 weeks after the pass is issued (if required).

To know whether you need to register fingerprints and photos or not, check the notification letter. Usually, those who apply Employment Pass for the first time or have last registration more than 5 years ago will need to register. 

Making an appointment to visit the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) along with these documents is necessary for the registration

  • Original passport
  • Appointment letter
  • Notification letter
  • Documents listed in the IPA letter and notification letter

 Step 7: Receive a card

MOM will deliver the card to you after 4 working days from the date of verifying documents or registering fingerprints and photos (if required).

Source: Ministry of Manpower

If you have any inquires about applying Employment Pass in Singapore, contact us for a quote.

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