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To companies set up in Singapore, having an aesthetic website using high technology with the domain “.sg” will be a competitive advantage in attracting customers, winning business partners’ trust, etc. Nevertheless, finding a professional web design service supplier with high quality services at a reasonable price is not easy.Understanding your concerns, Ace Global Accountants offer a professional yet affordable web design service, which is FREE for all customers who use our Singapore Company Incorporation services.


After your company registration in Singapore, there are many issues to take care of such as taxation, accounting and auditing, GST registration, etc. At the same time, you have to make sure your company is attracting enough customers to make profits. One of the most effective ways to do so is communicating with customers through websites. Having said that, it is challenging for a start-up to manage all the above tasks; that’s why employing a web design service is a great idea.

A professionally designed website will:

  • Enabling customers to easily follow and update information.
  • Increasing prestige with business partners, customers and suppliers.
  • Attracting potential customers.
  • Building Customer Database with potential customers.
  • Boost sales.
  • Raise customers’ and partners’ brand awareness about your company’s products and services thanks to efficient website design and management.

1. Our working manner

Firstly, when working with us, you will receive our professional and enthusiastic consultancy on how to choose a suitable domain name, SEO friendly and responsive website template for your business and how to display the information and images to attract more and more potential customers.

Secondly, the project always takes place as planned. Our designing team regularly discusses and updates with you to avoid unexpected misunderstandings during the designing process. Especially, we keep updating new technologies, then recommend the appropriate ones for your websites. As a result, when users get access to your website, they are impressed because it is not only very modern but also well-organized. From the perspective of our dedicated team, a sophisticated but easy-to-use website is what we would like to bring to our value clients.

Last but not least, after the website handover, Ace Global Accountants offers a 12 months guarantee period. During that time, if there are any technical faulty or other kinds of errors occurring due to our system, we will support to fix them until the website works stably and properly again. In the worst case, we are willing to re-design for you. However, up to now, all of our clients are satisfied with their websites and our customer care service.

2. Ace Global Accountants website design service

When you use our Singapore Company Incorporation services, we will offer a FREE web design service (note, however, that website domain and hosting will be charged), including:

International high quality hosting whose server is located in the USA

Elegant, modern, user-friendly templates with Fully Responsive Technology

Professional, experienced and conscientious designers

Various templates designed for a diverse business sectors such as: E-commerce, Company, Furniture, Spa, Education, Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant…

««« Companies incorporated in Singapore will be supported in web design with “.sg” – the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Singapore.


Timeline to carry out a project depends on its complexity and your requirements. Normally, it takes around 4 weeks to complete a website:

1st week: You provide website content including: company introduction and contact information, product information and photos, other articles, etc.

2nd week: Ace Global Accountants uploads the information on the website

3rd week: You preview and give comments or provide additional contents (if any). Ace Global Accountants will fix the website according to your requirements. For example, you would like to change the color or images of some parts. If there is any new requirement which is not mentioned at the beginning, we will discuss with you later.

4th week: Test the website and transfer all of related information to you

Besides website design service, Ace Global Accountants also provides other support services: website management and development, SEO-Google AdWords consulting, CRM Application to Business, Google Apps, Email marketing – Newsletter campaign, Domain and Hosting Registration when you would like to enhance your website’s efficiency and attract more potential customers.

Ace Global Accountants is proud to be one of the most experienced and professional companies in the website design field. We are a trustful partner who helps you promote competitiveness in this era of the Internet.

In addition to Singapore Company Incorporation Services, our support services are not only in information technology but also in other fields such as Accounting and Auditing Services, Book-keeping services, Company Secretary Services, Taxation Services, GST (Goods and Services Tax) Registration, Productivity Solutions Grant, etc.

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