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Director of Bandari Pte. Ltd., Hawthorne Manpower Consulting Pte. Ltd., Glocal Business Consulting Pte. Ltd. and Indus IT Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Dear Thung Sai Fun,

I commend your dedication to provide different types of services to our Company including Bandari Pte. Ltd., Hawthorne Manpower Consulting Pte. Ltd., Glocal Business Consulting Pte. Ltd. and Indus IT Solutions Pte. Ltd. for the past few years. It is a privilege to acknowledge your and your staff’s efforts and recognize the valuable services your Company has provided to us.

It is always gratifying to work with such great people with extraordinary abilities to provide good and prompt services.

Thank you for the extra effort you put forth in assisting us all these years. I wish your Ace Global Accountants well.

Very truly yours,

Sayyaparaju Vikram Raju


Dear Sai Fun,

I would like you to know that I highly appreciate the timeliness and quality of work that your company has done for us over the past few years. It has been extremely helpful to be able to incorporate our company, filing annual return, transferring and allotment of shares and other services which your company has provided to us. Any contacts we have had with your company have always been handled in a professional manner. To sum up, it has been a pleasure to do business with you.

Warm regards,
Sayyaparaju Vikram Raju


CEO of Verve Technology Services Pte Ltd

To whom This May Concern:

This is to let you know that Ace Global Accountants has provided accounting services for Verve Technology Services Pte Ltd.

They have done a commendable job in both requesting for supporting documents and preparing the financial statements for our company.

Ace Global Accountants has always performed its work promptly and accurately, as well as the staffs have always been helpful and friendly. Our company has been pleased to work with them in the past and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Singh Anju Kumari

Shareholder, Viva Global Pte. Ltd.

To whom it may concern,

We have worked with Ace Global Accountants for a number of years. We have received services like accounting, annual return, work permit application, EP application and etcetera from them.

The work that they produced to us are great. While we have never had any problems with Ace Global Accountants, I am left confident that if we did, they would resolve any issues promptly.

We would highly encourage other businesses to try working with Ace Global Accountants and benefit from them like we did.

Singh Anju Kumari

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