DBS releases digital advisory services to better support customers in decision-making for personal investment.

  • Ace Global
  • December 30, 2021

Based on the customer’s personal investing knowledge and financial goals, a list of suggested investment products will be customized to match customer demand.

Investors will receive suggestions of specific investment solutions across six product classes. These products will include collective investment schemes, insurance solutions, and the Asia and Global portfolios.

Digital advisory services are believed to support customers to overcome investment inertia, which leads investors to make better decisions.

A five-question assessment must be completed to determine the customer’s financial objectives, risk profile, investment preferences, and financial situation. This will also help them to complete knowledge assessments required under regulatory requirements.

After completing the assessment, customers who have a clean risk profile will not receive investment recommendations. Instead, they will be advised to review insurance solutions.

Similarly, those who have a negative cash flow will be unable to access the advisory service and will instead be advised to improve their financial situation.

Those who receive the investment recommendations may consider and evaluate other product types.

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