Singapore’s corporate leaders are on the same wavelength as their ‘born digital’ staff.

  • Ace Global
  • December 30, 2021

Compared to their worldwide counterparts, more Singapore corporate executives favor flexible work, placing them on the same page as “born digital” employees who prefer such flexibility.

Almost eight in ten (78%) Singapore company executives support flexible work, compared to half of their global colleagues. The latter feel that working from the office is ideal for productivity and well-being.
According to Citrix’s Born Digital Effect Singapore study, which was performed in collaboration with research partner Milieu Insights, business leaders and young professionals in Singapore are typically aligned on the workplace objectives of the Born Digital generation.

“Born digitals” are the generations who have witnessed the rise of the digital world, including millennials (born 1981 to 1996) and Generation Z. (born after 1997). According to this report, allowing these digitally-born professionals to work flexibly may generate an additional S$1.9 trillion in business earnings globally.
A total of 366 Singapore PMEs were polled, including 300 born digital and 188 business executives born digital and older. In Singapore, both born-digital PMEs (79%) and company executives (78%) expressed a desire to continue working from home or remotely a few days per week. Meanwhile, 72% of company executives stated they would employ a hybrid or flexible work paradigm even after the epidemic.

“These young workers are different from prior generations in that they have only ever experienced a tech-driven world of work,” said Donna Kimmel, Citrix’s executive vice president and chief people officer.
“To ensure future company success, organizations must understand their employees’ values, career goals, and working styles and invest in their growth.”

These employees recognized three potential problems associated with the move to virtual and hybrid models. These include worries about visibility, with those in the office feeling more connected to the team (52%); fears that those working electronically may lose out on crucial informal information (51%); and issues about exclusion, such as missing out on meetings and information exchange (51%). (46 percent).
Employees at Born Digital also said that they highly supported the notion of continuing flexible and hybrid work arrangements after offices reopened (87%). They should be allowed to work two days from the office (39 percent).

Furthermore, Singapore’s Born Digitals stated a desire to be allowed the flexibility to focus on individual activities at work and to be trusted to manage their work-life balance.

Younger professionals, in particular, stated that once Singapore offices reopen, the two most significant changes to their working styles will be leveraging the ability to be flexible in when and where work is brought to ensure that work-life balance is restored (62%), and continuing to work from home at least one day a week to focus on individual activities (60 percent).

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