Recommendations for ASR+’s digital features and products

  • October 06, 2022


This page provides the recommended digital products/features for ASR+ for Goods & Services (GST) and Corporate Income Tax (CIT) purposes, as well as details on how to incorporate them and apply them for the products/features.

1. What is ASR+?

ASR+ is a list of accounting software options maintained by IRAS since 2005 that meet specific requirements, such as generating reports for income tax and GST returns and capabilities to generate IRAS Audit File (IAF).

IRAS is committed to promoting using essential IRAS APIs/functions in software to simplify tax compliance for end-business users and is transitioning from ASR to ASR+.

2. Recommended Digital Products/Features for ASR+

2.1 GST Digital Products/ Features

This section outlines the ASR+ recommended digital products/features for Goods & Services Tax (GST).


2.2 CIT Digital Products/ Features

This section provides an overview of recommended digital products/features for Corporate Income Tax (CIT) according to ASR+.


2.3 Benefits of Incorporating Recommended Digital Products/Features

Incorporating the recommended products/features will enable software developers to provide a broader range of product offerings. This will help businesses to manage their tax compliance better. ASR+ software incorporating these recommended products/features will have the respective products/features available to them.

2.4 How to Incorporate the recommended Digital Products/Features

Learn more about how you can incorporate the recommended GST and CIT digital products/features.

2.5 Register for interest

You may indicate your interest in the  IRAS ASR+ Register for Interest Form if you want to incorporate the Recommended Digital Products/Features into your software development.

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