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  • May 22, 2023



On 26th April 2023, a new e-service portal, Property Name and Address has been launched by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and the Street and Building Names Board (SBNB). The new portal aims to make application of house and unit number, building and street number more convenient by providing both services on the same platform. Read below for more information.

Role to Allot and Alter House and Unit Numbers

IRAS is the authorised authority to allot and alter the house and unit number of a property. Under the Property Tax Act, all properties are required to have a unique combination of house number, unit number issued by IRAS. A unique address is formed by the assigned number and the name of the street where it is situated. It is an offence to use an unauthorised number under the Property Tax Act.

Guidelines for House and Unit Numbering

In order for emergency workers, delivery services, and the general public to quickly and effectively identify and locate a property, the house and unit numbers should be conspicuous and displayed on an obvious place.

A good number is one that:

  • pertains to the street where the main entrance or frontage is located and is appropriate
  • is sequential
  • prevents confusion with a different property or unit in Singapore

IRAS encourages applicants to read the house and unit number guidelines handbook which explains the significance of a house or unit number as well as the factors that IRAS takes into account when granting applications for a house or unit number.


House and/ or unit number application

Applications may be submitted via the Property Name and Address Digital Service portal at by property developers, owners, or their designated representatives. Once IRAS receives the necessary information, applications typically take 4 weeks to process.

Applicants will receive a Certificate of Numbering (CON) from IRAS that includes the list of the numbers that have been issued.

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