Important Announcement: Identifying Official Government SMS in Singapore

  • June 14, 2024


Important announcement

To streamline communication and combat impersonation scams, the Singapore Government is implementing a single SMS Sender ID, , for all government agencies.

  1. Effective 1 July 2024, residents will receive government SMS notifications exclusively from instead of individual agency IDs.
  2. Ensure the authenticity of and prevent spoofing, the government has collaborated with SMS aggregators and all telecommunication service providers in Singapore, including their sub-brands.
  3. There will be a few exceptions for National Service and emergency services communications. More information on these can be found in Annex A.
  4. For examples of government SMS communications you might receive from please refer to Annex B.
  5. SMS remains a critical communication channel for the Singapore government, reaching residents directly on their mobile phones. With over 100 million messages sent annually, government agencies utilize SMS to deliver important updates on policy changes, transaction statuses, and more.
  6. Deputy Secretary (Smart Nation Group), Mr. Sim Feng-Ji, emphasizes the added confidence brings to identifying legitimate government SMS. He highlights how this initiative exemplifies the government’s commitment to fighting malicious attempts that erode public trust in government communications.
  7. Starting 18th June 2024, government SMS notifications will progressively transition to a single Sender ID, for easier identification by July 1st. This initiative simplifies recognizing official communications and strengthens public trust. However, vigilance remains crucial. Continue to be wary of scams and always verify the sender as before responding to government SMS messages.
  8. For more information on the SMS Sender ID, visit .

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