Virtual Office

Virtual Office

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services provide you with fully furnished and premium virtual offices for business meetings, business address, call answering, mailing, phone and fax services, registered office address, etc., as per requirement. We understand the need of office and local address for business in Singapore. However, we have proposed stunningly designed virtual offices that will be equipped with all required office amenities like systems, fax machine, latest phone systems that will facilitate you for fast dialing, calling, call forwarding, faxing, etc. Apart from that, we offer you with cost-effective registered business address and mail forwarding services as per your business need and at reasonable charges. Thus, we make easy for new enterprises in Singapore to setup their ventures virtually by renting our virtual offices located at the demanded commercial locations in the country.

Are you looking for brilliantly designed meeting rooms for business deals with clients? If yes, you do not need to look elsewhere, just approach to us and find beautifully designed meeting rooms, which are developed precisely for corporate meetings, conferencing, training, and other business activities too. So, whatever business meeting you have that you can conduct at the suitable place or in furnished meeting rooms offered by us.

We provide you with meeting rooms at the best commercial locations in Singapore. Our offered meeting rooms are versed with all required office entities like phones, systems, fax machine, projector, and many more. Our well-designed business meeting rooms are available on rent throughout the year at affordable charges.

Every new business in Singapore should have a local business address till the completion of its registration process. However, the local address of the company will be considered as the official or prime contact address of the company pertaining to all business meetings, dealings and mail forwarding requirements in the country.

We at Singapore Incorporation Services are indulged in rendering fully authorized Registered Office Address and Mail Forwarding Services in Singapore. We make it easier for businesses, individuals, and corporate organizations in Singapore to find authorized virtual or physical offices in the country and get their addresses registered too. We cater modern design and completely commercial offices to hire at prime locations in the country. Also, we assist in office addresses registration services to make your office presence static on records too. We do charge reasonably for virtual offices as well as office registration services in Singapore as per industry standard.

If you need to change in registered office address in Singapore, you should contact to the legal authorities in Singapore as follows:

MOM (Ministry of Manpower): You may contact to MOM authority in Singapore for change in registered office address. It can also be done online, if you have EP account at MOM site. Also, you can download the form or may apply for the same by exploring option as Request Form for Updates of Company Particulars on the website and submit a hardcopy including updated office address manually.

ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regularity Authority): You can also change office address through ACRA authority in Singapore. This job can also be done by your company’s secretary.

CPF: Changing online office address can also be feasible, if you have CPF account online. Instead of it, you can also download the form for address change from site through option provided like Change of Employer’s Principal Place of Business / Contact Details and submit a hardcopy to change office address online.

IRAS: There is no action required to be taken, as the change in office address will be made and linked to your ACRA account automatically.

Bank: You can physically visit to your bank or its branch to submit details of office address changed by submitting relevant form including correct details office address.

Customers: You also need to inform customers about change in office address for his acknowledgment.

Suppliers: You should not forget to inform about office address change to the business suppliers and dealers for knowledge and continue business with them.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services can also provide you with the best CBD business address with mail forwarding services on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. We can serve you with fast mailing services on urgent basis or as per need of your business too.

Mail Forwarding, Fax, Call Forwarding / Answering Services


We at, Singapore Incorporation Services are involved in catering fast and secure call forwarding and answering services for corporate offices and business clients in Singapore. We have network to track calls from your clients and forward them at your end through secure channels. However, we make possible for our patrons to receive and answer their business calls easily anytime and anywhere in the world.

We also enable our patrons to get the best call answering services that permit you for handling of all incoming calls on your company’s behalf during normal working hours— Monday to Friday (9 am to 6 pm).

For betterment of our clients, we have issued an official Singapore business telephone number that is applicable for all sorts of business communication regarding call forwarding and answering services. Our phone line can be used on your stationery and business cards too. Moreover, we also have packages available to suit all of your business needs.

We at, Singapore Incorporation Services provide you with a general Fax Service through an official fax number that permits all faxes of our clients to get directly delivered to their email boxes at 24×7 days in a week. We receive faxes from different sources and forward them to the emails of relevant recipients too. Also, you can access faxes sent by us through any system or computer, laptop or mobile phone possessing internet access too.

24×7 fax receiving service from Singapore and across the world.
An official fax number is given that can be used on websites, letterheads, namecards, forms, etc.
Free service for sending and receiving faxes in PDF format to the client’s email address.
Charges applied on local outgoing fax (40 cents for each page)
Charged applied on overseas outgoing fax ($1 for each page)

24×7 fax receiving service from Singapore and other parts of the world.
An official fax number is given that can be used on websites, letterheads, name cards, forms, etc.
Free service for sending and receiving faxes in PDF format to the client’s email address.
Charges applied for local outgoing faxes.
Charges applied for overseas or outgoing faxes.
Free Setup service.

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